Owston Village Rises to the Occasion

Owston hotspot sprint (Photo: Steve King)

Owston hotspot sprint
(Photo: Steve King)

At the heart of the race, the tiny village of Owston (population 67) was lapped no less than six times during the Rutland-Melton CiCLE Classic. Villagers laid on a barbeque, anticipating a large number of visitors – and they weren’t disappointed as hundreds of spectators took up their vantage points, realising there was no better location to see the race unfold.

Live commentary kept spectators informed as the riders looped back into the village and out again to face some of the toughest sections of the race.

A great spirit of camaraderie among the spectators, enjoying refreshments between passages of the village, provided a wonderful atmosphere for cycle fans and families alike.

Comments from spectators and riders:

Owston village was a great draw for race spectators (Photo: Saya Sheridan)

Owston village was a great draw for race spectators
(Photo: Saya Sheridan)

Through Manor Farm Feeds yard (Photo: Tania Pennill)

Through Manor Farm Feeds yard
(Photo: Tania Pennill)

“There was a fantastic atmosphere in Owston – definitely the place to be!”

“…I enjoyed several hours in the village of Owston which I travelled to from the other side of Leicestershire… I must also say how friendly the village of Owston was and how the race benefits…I have followed cycling since I was 8 years of age (im now 31) seeing the the European tours, and the British races, from the Milk Race through to last year’s Tour of Britain, the Rutland Melton Cicle Classic has been one of the best cycling days out I have had.”

“…we seemed to be lapping Owston for an eternity, but it was the most enjoyable section as the crowd were superb, relentlessly clapping and cheering us through. The smell of food was a bit hard to take, especially as the hunger knock wasn’t too far ahead…”

“Owston was one big party for the spectators, one big hell for the riders”
Guy Andrews, www.roadcyclinguk.com

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