ANEXO / CAMS Women’s CiCLE Classic

Back with a ‘vengeance’ in 2022, and now secured for the following three years following sponsorship having been confirmed by the ANEXO Group PLC. In 2023 the race took place for the first time at the earlier Sprinbg date in March. A change which was met with general approval and will be repeated in 2024.

With the eralier date the 2023 edition of the race was run off in the worst possible conditions and was a true epic of a race.

From a field of 110 starters just 31 reached the finish in Melton with a 6 rider group fighting out the spribnt finish won by Jessica Finney.

Route of the race 2024.

.Future of the  Women’s CiCLE Classic confirmed.

Following a successful ‘Crowdfunding’ initiative aimed at raising the required £15,000 funding gap for the 2022 Women’s CiCLE Classic the future of the race and its assocuiated junior Men’s race has now been assured until at least 2025.

Speaking in advance of the launch of ANEXO as title sponsor of the race, Race Director Colin Clews said, “ We cannot thank enough all those who have given their support to us regarding this issue. We wish to particularly thank the joint “Sex Matters” and the “Fair play for Women” offer to make good the shortfall this year from a single source. That immediately gave us heart that come what may, the race would continue. We remain eternally grateful for this offer. “

He continued, “Most important to ourselves and for Women’s cycling however, was that we secure the future of the race in the longer term. Three years being the minimum.   In recent days such an offer has now been received and accepted enabling  a formal contract to commence in 2023. That left us with how to deal with the funding of the race in 2022. Despite the initial joint offer being attractive, receipt of funds from a single source for one year presents problems to a small organisation such as ourselves. A not insignificant cost would be incurred associated with the rebranding of the event ‘on the day’ which would then be repeated in 2023 as the new contract becomes effective. Those costs if avoided could alternatively be used beneficially to  further develop the event.”

The subsequent approach and offer from the ANEXO Group, who are already fully committed to Woimen’s and Junior Men’s racing via their support of the CAMS Women’s team and Anexo Race teams provides for that partnership.

In addition Dame Laura Kenny has kindly offered to supopoirt the race for this year and the above period by sponsoring the prize value awards for the winners of both the Women’s and Junior Men’s races.unior Men’s races.

“We are indebted to Dame Laura for her support”, said Race Director Colin Clews. “We underrstand that in addition to Dame laura’s desire to be seen to support Women’s sport she also wishes to give her thanks and support to aspiring Junior Men, who assisted her own and the preparation of the other members of the GB Women’s Teamin advance of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. What better way than doing so than these two inrterlinked CiCLE Classic races.”

  • Full itinerary for race day.
  • The junior Men’s race starts at 09.30 hrs from Melton town centre and finish there at around 12.45. The Women’s race starts from the same point at 14.00 hrs. and finish there around 16.40 hrs.
  • To ensure the safety of the competitors and their support personnel, as well as that of other road users the race will operate under formal Temporary Traffic Restriction Orders (TTRO) issued by the local authorities, and enforces by Police, traffic management and the race’s own stewards.These orders prohibit civilian traffic to enter any roadway that the race and it’s associated convoy is passing along at all stages of the races.Known as a ‘rolling road closure’ this provides for a minimum period of disruption to other road users as a result of the race.Other specific sections of the course will also be subject to a total closure, these will be as follows:- 06.00 – 18.00 hrs. Sherrard Street, Melton Mowbray from its junction with Sage Cross Street to its junction with Burton Street.
  • Additionally, the following roads will be CLOSED totally to non race traffic for a period during the hours shown below:
  • – 09.25 -0935 hrs. Burton Road, for the Junior Men’s race roll out.)
  • – 11.30 – 12.30 hrs. Thorpe End, Melton Mowbray and Saxby Road (B676) from Stapleford Lane to its junction with Norman Way. (Junior Men’s race)
  • – 13.55-14.05 hrs Burton Road, for the Women’s race roll out.)
  • – 16.00 – 17.00 hrs. Thorpe End, Melton Mowbray and Saxby Road (B676) from Stapleford Lane to its junction with Norman Way. (Junior Men’s race)The following roads which comprise the major part of the race route will then be closed periodically and temporarily TWICE throughout the day, in the same order,  as the competitors and their accompanying race convoys pass each section of the course. A606 Burton Road, Whissendine Road, Leesthorpe, PICKWELL, Main Street, Pickwell Road, SOMERBY, Town End, Owston Road, Somerby Road, OWSTON, Long Lane, Cox’s lane, Main Street, Newbold Road, BURROUGH-on-the-HILL, Main Street, Twyford Road, Marefield Lane, Dawson’s Lane, unclassified road, Washdyke Road, Green Lane, (Private Road),  Middle Street, A606, Cold Overton Road, unclassified road, COLD OVERTON, Stygate Lane, Leesthorpe Road, unclassified road, LITTLE DALBY, Burrough Road, Melton Lane, Knossington Road (Owston), Bruce’s Lane, Knossington Road (Somerby) , Oakham Road (Somerby) Somerby Road (Cold Overton), A606, Melton Road, unclassified road,  Whissendine Road, Cuckoo Hill, Stapleford Road, Holygate Lane, (Private Road),STAPLEFORD, B676, MELTON, Saxby Road, Thorpe End, Sherrard Street, Burton Street, Burton Road, A606, Sawgate Lane, BURTON LAZERS, Cross Lane, Sawgate Road.

    Starting at 14.00 hrs from Sherrard Street in Melton the 6th Women’s CiCLE Classic race will follow on from the 8th Junior Men’s CiCLE Classic which covers the same 105 kms course that takes place earlier the same day. The Women’s race will finish around 17.00 in the centre of Melton at it’s start point.

Initial Post race comments;

“Now that WAS a ‘f*****g’ bike race!”

“Track, farmyards and hills. What a race? Women’s CiCLE Classic did not disappoint!”

” This will become a Classic!”

No one who witnessed the race will disagree, other than perhaps, like the Men’s race; in only it’s second edition the race came of age and already is a “Classic”!!

Run off in brilliant sunshine and with a fierce pace from the outset, and 101 competitors the Women’s CiCLE Classic was THE race to win in 2017 on the UK Women’s National road race series.



2016           Rebecca      Durrell     (Drops Cycling Team)

                    3h.03.47              105 kms.

2017           Katie Archibald          (Team WNT)

                    2h.57.01              105 kms

2018         Neah Evans               (Storey Racing)

2h.53.10               105 kms

2019        Emily Nelson            (RST/Cycle Division RT)

1 h.56.48               (Distance reduced to 70m kms owing to enforced stoppage.)

2021       Abi Smith                 (Team Breeze)

2.45.33               105 kms     

2022      Josie Nelson            (Team Coop-Hitec Products)  

2.42.53             105 kms

2023     Jessica Finney              (AWOL-O’Shea)

2.51.43            105 kms

Queen of the Bergs:

2016          Julie Erskine              (Team Ford Ecoboost)

2017         Katie Archibald           (Team WNT)

2018        Sophie Wright              (Storey Racing)

2019       Emily Wadsworth        (Brother UK- Tifosi)

2021       Flora Perkins                (VC Londres)

2022      Eluned King                 (Le Col-Wahoo)

2023     Jo Tindley                     (Pro Noctis-Heidi Kjeldsen)


Sunday 17th July 2016 saw the first ever Womens CiCLE Classic, and over many of the same roads as the Men’s earlier in April at the annual International Rutland -Melton CiCLE Classic.

In 2017 the same course was used but with the addition of the ‘Sawgate sector’ after a last minute regarding of that part of the finishing circuit.

Starting and finishing in Melton Mowbray town centre and using a slightly shorter finishing circuit as the men, the Women’s race has a first prize of £1000, down to 20th place, although the toughness of the course enabled only 12 hardy souls able to complete the course in 2016. In 2017 with nearly twice the number of starters, with nearly a full field of 120,  the race saw 40 riders complete the course within the time limit, with 49 finishers in 2019.

Unique in so many ways  within the British cycling calendar, the event was sponsored for its first five years by an individual, Peter Stanton, a long time supporter of Women’s racing within the UK. 

For further information:

Colin Clews 07979 85 6262