Where to see the Cicle Classic 2023

As in 2022 the opportunities to view the race in 2023 will be greater than ever. For the enthusiastic spectator the race is possibly the most spectator friendly races to ever watch. it is possible to see the race in between 15 – 20  places during its circuitous route between Oakham and Melton.

And with the sponsorship this of the start area in Oakham by ‘Bills Bar’ and the finish area in Melton by ‘Melton BID’ more to do and see at each end of the race let alone in between!.


The START in Oakham Town Centre (TEAM PRESENTATION AND interviews with the Race favourites ON THE RACE PODIUM FROM 10.15 UNTIL THE START AT 11.00, ‘Café Allez’ providing liquid refreshment and many giveaways to keep all entertained)

  • For those wishing to see the actual race start then Rutland Enterprise Park on Ashwell Road will be the place to be.
  •   It will be quick, with FIVE viewings in around 35 minutes, but Wymondham village will play host to the race on its new opening section.
    *** You will need to leave Oakham in advance of the race start to make it to Wymondham by just after 11 o’clock when the village will be closed down, but refreshments and entertainment will be there, and it is totally practical that having seen the race there, leaving via Stapleford and Leesthorpe, to get to Owston before the race arrives there for the first time. ***
    Why not give it a try? It will be AWESOME!!
  • Back then to Oakham Town Centre to see the Oakham Wines sprint be contested.
  • Owing to the absence of ‘Berleyberg’ sector on this occasion it will not be possible to both view the Oakham sprint and the exit from the former sector, but instead a position on Cold Overton Road on the hill as the race leaves Oakham could be a must to see the riders at a slower pace.
  • The top of Cold Overton hill for the first King of the Hills climb.
  • In Somerby for the first passage of the race there.
  • Owston or Burrough on the Hill for the races many passages through those villages. At Owston enjoy the party atmosphere of the day, or enjoy a more relaxed view of the race from Grant’s Free House at Burrough over Sunday lunch and or a welcome drink.
  • or back to Cold Overton Hill for the fourth King of the Hills climb, or onto ‘Somerberg’ (Bruces Lane) for the ultimate CiCLE Classic experience.
  • Stapleford Park to see the race traverse the two passages of the new off road sectors dissecting the beautiful parkland area.
  • Or at the entry or exit of the penultimate rough sector of the race at Sawgate Lane just on the edge of Melton.
  • Melton town centre where following the local annual St Georges day parade the race will pass through the town and riders contest a sprint for the ‘Pork Pie’ sprint award donated by Dickenson & Morris, before commencing their finishing circuit via Burton Lazers and Stapleford Park.
  • At the FINISH in Sherrard  Street, Melton.

Hot & cold drinks and snacks will be available at various locations on and around the course, not the least at the start and finish areas in Oakham and Melton town centres, and ‘al fresco’ BBQ style at Owston where a party atmosphere is always guaranteed, and where there will be a commentary point for much of the race.

Please allow plenty of time to get from one point to another and be prepared to encounter the road closures which will apply as soon as the race approaches and will apply until the last of the ‘effective’ race passes.


Also please remember to park your cars well off the road especially if parking on any of the many narrow roads that the race uses particularly around Owston and Burrough on the Hill.

If viewing at Owston please use the identified car parks and always obey any instructions from race marshals.

Have a great viewing day!