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Ciarán Power takes the win in 2008

Ciarán Power takes the win in 2008 – Photo:

Q: Ciarán, when you won the CiCLE Classic in 2008 what was that like for you?

Ciarán Power: It was a great experience and a tough, but enjoyable race. I was glad to get my name on the trophy.


Ciarán Power in the rough sectors of the CiCLE Classic 2008 – Photo:

Q: Ciarán, you retired from cycling in 2008 when you were 31 with a couple of major wins, one of them was the CiCLE Classic, did you know it was your last year racing?

Ciarán Power: I intended to do one more year but the sponsor was broke which made me broke! So no more racing.

Q: How did you get into cycling originally? 

Ciarán: I was a young fella on a BMX and then I progressed to the Raleigh Milk Race.


Iconic Photo of CiCLE Classic 2008 weaving around Rutland – Photo:

Q: You were the first ‘international’ winner of the CiCLE.  Any thoughts on that?

Ciarán: I was just happy to win. As a bike rider it doesn’t matter where you’re from or how big or small a race, we all want to win. But the harder the race, the better.


CiCLE Classic 2008 – Photo:

Your career had you competing in the Giro, two Olympic Games, the Milk Race, the CiCLE – looking back, any specific highlights?

Ciarán: Highlights were that I won the Milk Race and the CiCLE.  I also finished 13th in the Athens Olympics in the EPO era. I finished 13th, riding as good as I could, but I will never know how close I could have been to an Olympic medal if it had been an equal field.

Q: When you retired from cycling, did you give yourself new goals?

Ciarán: When I finished it was undoubtedly a shock.  My goals were to find a job I liked and look after my family. Now we run a great physical therapy clinic and we’re really happy about that.

Q: Do you still cycle?

Ciarán: I haven’t cycled for the last 6 years. But this year I’m riding the Rás to promote breast cancer awareness due to the fact my wife had it last year.

Q: You’re still only 37, if you could do one more race, what would it be?

Ciarán: I would love to win another stage of the Rás which I will do in May.

Q: Do you have a favourite bike?

Ciarán:  Colnago C50 Campag with boras

Cicle Womens logoQ: The CiCLE family has launched a new women’s classic race 18th May 2014 in the same ‘classics’ style.  Any thoughts on that?

Ciarán: It’s great to have an equivalent woman’s race.

Q:  Have you done any other form of cycling?

Ciarán:  I have. When my funding was cut, I tried to move in to track. My first race was the Scratch World Cup in Manchester but I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Coaching wasn’t great back then, unfortunately.

Q: Do you keep much cycling gear at home?

Ciarán:  I don’t have any gear in the house only the Comeragh CC gear from Waterford, a club I’ve been with since I was 11.

Q: Who was the most fun to be around in the peloton?

Ciarán:  Henk Vogels was definitely the most fun in every way. Great guy, great rider, great motivator.

Q: What’s your favourite bit of technology to have on the bike?

Ciarán: My garmin 510 supplied by Giant, Cork

Q: What are you like at watching other people race?

Ciarán: Love watching anyone.

Q: If there’s one route you’d recommend to someone ‘as a must do’ on a bike, where would that be?

CiaránA must do route would be the coast road from Cheek Point to Dungarvan here in Waterford. The hills are hard but worth it for the spectacular views. I used to do it twice a week.

Q: What attracted you to do the CiCLE at the time?

CiaránWhat attracted me to the CiCLE was the uniqueness of the race. The toughness and different challenges throughout. I think it’s a must do race for anyone on top of their game.

Q: How important is teamwork in a race like this?  

CiaránTeam work is vital to anyone trying to win it. We placed 4 riders in the break and really drove it all day. Even towards the end the lads drove it until they didn’t have any energy left because we were under pressure from the guys behind. It was great to finish it off.

Q: Sum up a cycling career in 3 words:

CiaránGreat, Hard, Journey.

Q: What else did you nearly do as a career?

CiaránI didn’t even think of anything else as a career.  I remember as an 11 year old my teacher asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. I said, professional cyclist. That was it, from there I got stuck in.

Q: What are you doing now?

CiaránSince I retired I’ve started my own business as a Neuromuscular Physical Therapist here in Waterford. Being a two time Olympian and having had hundreds of treatments myself, it was a natural step after cycling.

Q: Have you been able to pass on any of your knowledge and experience to others?

Ciarán: I pass knowledge on through coaching weekends and our Comeragh CC Youth Academy.

Q: What other plans have you got?

Ciarán: I’d like to take part in triathlons in the future.

Q: Will you be at this year’s CiCLE Classic race?

Ciarán: Unfortunately I won’t be there this year.

Q: Have you any message to the organisers on their 10th anniversary?

Ciarán: I would say keep doing what you’re doing. It’s a fantastic ras (race). One of the best and most enjoyable I’ve ever ridden. Best of luck with this year’s edition looking forward to watching on TV. Great crack!

Thanks for your time, Ciarán.


CiCLE Classic reaches it's tenth anniversary edition in 2014.

CiCLE Classic tenth anniversary edition 27 April 2014.

Rutland-Melton CICLE Classic

Twitter: @cicleclassic


Ciarán’s sports clinic contact details:

Physical Therapy And Sports Injury Clinic – Waterford – 087 2154797

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