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Blog from Colin Clews – Race founder and Director
Rutland-Melton International CiCLE Classic:

Only recently ex top pro Claudio Chiappucci said of the current state of Professional riders,  “Peter Sagan is the only rider in the peloton who has character. He’s the only one – where there is no personality, just dull machines – who comes off as interesting. He is a great rider, but he also has character and charisma,”      …….. And so it is of most of todays races as well!!

The Rutland – Melton CiCLE Classic is one that breaks away from that fault!

“In the 12 years that the Rutland – Melton International CiCLE Classic has taken place, I believe that it has proved itself to be the most challenging race on the British circuit, and possibly wider.  Anyone who has taken part, has concluded that it is a race of totally ‘unique’ character and excitement and provides a proximity to spectators that only the accepted one day monuments and much more widely known classic races of northern Europe, can provide and engender. Yet for all this, it still remains a relatively unknown quantity on the international circuit, although the return rate of foreign teams that have taken part to date, shows the respect and kudos that the CiCLE Classic is held by so many outside of Britain.

How can the race be more widely known…?

I believe a TV production of the CiCLE Classic will catapult the race into the hearts of millions.  This is why we initiated the ‘crowdfunding project’  – to create the means for widening our audience base by raising dedicated funds to achieve this, rather than relying on one single external source to come forward at this point.  With crowdfunding it is an opportunity for those that already know the race and understand what it has to really offer, to get on board. And for others who do not yet know the CiCLE Classic it is a chance to back a unique British one-day pro cycle race quite apart from any other, and help in the development of riders.

Where we are now

“The current ‘state of play’ is that we have around £1200 already donated to the crowdfunding project and I send a big thank you to all those who have taken the time to contribute to the 2016 target of £15k so far.  In addition to this amount, the race organisation has a sum that it has set aside to assist the project along.”

What we’ll do with the money

“At the conclusion of the 30 day donation period, on 4th December 2015, a review will be made of the total amount raised to date, including any expectation of this being increased and a full and honest analysis of our expectation of reaching the target we have set for ourselves.”

“However, it is interesting that several approaches have already been made to the race organisation by other groups confident of being able to get the race televised as we would wish, for a sum smaller than the £20–25k originally estimated to achieve TV coverage.  So this can also be considered in achieving our aim for TV.  A final decision will then be made how to proceed.”

“Spread the word” – Off-line contributions can be taken too!

“Alongside the direct ‘Crowdfunding project’ the race has continued to offer its clothing range via this website (please see ‘Merchandise’ page) and EBay at bargain rates, and this will continue to be sold with all monies received going towards the overall sum required.”

“Additionally the race organisation has held an audit of its burgeoning stock of equipment and ways in which equipment it owns can be put to good use by others. The UHF Radio system that the race now holds is possibly the largest and comprehensive privately owned set up in the country and has already seen service at many other major races within Britain, including the National RR Champs at Lincoln earlier this year. This will continue to be offered for hire to other race organisers and with all income used towards the TV project.”

“The race organisation is also pleased to be able to assist other organisers wishing to improve the quality of their own races by selling on resources which the CiCLE Classic no longer requires. One such item being extensive quantities of banner boundary netting for course making which is being sold on at a very competitive price to Ripley Castle Cyclo-Cross who, as a developing organisation of quality, the CiCLE Classic is proud to support.”

What it means to be someone who supports the race and getting it televised

“I am grateful to those who have chosen to support us in our desire to develop the race further, and ways in which your support can be acknowledged and recognised in to the future, are under consideration.

“One way is the formation of a ‘supporters type’ exclusive club which would benefit members before, after and post, race day. The very least, including access to race hospitality and advance news of what is happening on the race. Watch this space for the ideas as they are firmed up!”

News on 2016 race progress

“As to 2016, the race is already fully alive, with more interest than ever having been expressed in the race by foreign squads, several completely new to the race and based upon word of mouth recommendation.”

“Already we know that Britain’s first ever UCI Pro Continental team, ONE Pro Cycling will make their first, team appearance in Britain in the 2016 CiCLE Classic, and with the recent change to the UCI rules allowing up to TWO other Pro Continental teams to take part in Class 1.2 races, the race organisation is fairly confident that two such teams can be contracted, adding significantly to the quality of the race field in future years.”

“I am adamant however, that there will still be places for as many British club level teams in the future as possible, to ensure that the ethos that the race has presented since its inception in 2007, that of an international race enabling British teams to participate against foreign opposition on home roads, remains a guiding principle of the race.”

Many thanks for your past and continued support of CiCLE Classic.
Colin Clews, Race Director.

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