Sponsors line up to support event

With still 12 weeks to go to this years Rutland Melton CiCLE Classic the race is getting off to a ‘flying start’ with the recent announcement that additional sponsorship is to be provided for the event from Nottingham East Midlands Airport.

“Following on from Masterfoods recent agreement to also support this years event, this is excellent news,” said Race Director Colin Clews. “The race is really building up in stature, and the growing recognition by local businesses; large and small; of the races potential as a medium for increasing their exposure is especially gratifying.”

In the same week as the airport announcement, the race organisation also announced Northfield Farm as sponsor of the special hill prize at Cold Overton, and Holwell based Shore Design as sponsor of the winner’s trophy for the forthcoming race.

Local interest in the race is not limited, however, to sponsorship, as one of the earliest entrants for the race on Sunday 14th May, is Oakham’s James Cambridge. A surprise 4th in last years race, the Dominican Republic based rider shocked many in the Elite cycling world with that performance, and he now returns as a potential favourite for a race in which anything can happen.

“Last year the majority of the competitors did not know what to expect from the course, which is something quite different from any other race on the British calendar,” added Clews,” but this year many top riders are identifying the race as one of their targets for the season, and have already been out reconnoitring the most difficult sections. And that adds up to one thing, …a tremendous race in prospect!”

It isn’t necessary to be either a sponsor or rider to be involved in the race however, and further help is needed to ensure that the Road Closure Order under which the race operates is effected properly. Anyone wishing to volunteer to act as a marshal for this year’s race, particularly on the section of the race as it enters Melton, is asked to contact Colin Clews on 07979856262, or by e-mail to colin.l.clews@btinternet.com

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