Junior CiCLE Classic



Rutland – Melton Junior CiCLE Classic

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Seeing  and experiencing is something else!!

What was said about the 2017 race:

…and make a date for the 5th edition in 2018.

Sunday 3rd June 2018.

“By far the best course I have ridden in the UK this year, and an amazing race!”

” By far the best organised of the Junior series”

“The best race I have ever ridden in the UK!”

“One of the most ‘fun’ races that I’ve done in a long time”

” CiCLE Classic was an awesome event!”

“A day to reflect on Junior CiCLE Classic, and I am still buzzing!”


In 2017 the Junior CiCLE Classic made a m ajor departure from its previous incarnation. Gone was the association with the International CiCLE Classic in April and instead it took its place alongside the 2nd edition of the Women’s CiCLE Classic.

Starting at 09.30 on the morning of the Women’s race, the junior men for the first time were able to ride the notorious roads of Owston and ‘Somerberg’ like their senior peers have done since the International race was first held in 2005.

In 2018 the Junior race will follow the same format as in 2017. Full details of the course used by the race are given below together with the map of the 105 kms course to be used, exactly the same as the Women’s race.   Course-2018-Women.Juniors1 (4)

Womens Route FINAL


Previous race winners:

 2014 Winner: James SHAW, (Beacon -Haribo)

2015 Winner: Nathan Draper, (RST Racing Team)

2016 Winner:

2017 Winner: William Tidball,(PH-MAS/Paul Milnes )